A tribute for a Hungarian Jewish teen girl who died at Auschwitz – Călin Vălean (AMR 5)

Din păcate ceea ce nu vrem, aceea ne maturizează, dar oare câți învătăm de la alții ca să nu mai fim nevoiți să trecem noi pe aici? Iată un articol despre o eroină

Marius Cruceru


This is Calin Valean,  41, from Cluj-Napoca, Romania (a city located in the heart of Transylvania) married with Loredana and father of 4. I am an entrepreneur and I am fat, too. Only 20 kgs +  above the normal.

For many many years I have tried to get enough motivation to lose weight. Unfortunately,  motivation lasted only for several weeks. Moreover, after each diet session, I added more weight.

sursa http://centrulevaheyman.blogspot.ro/ sursa http://centrulevaheyman.blogspot.ro/

This spring one of my good friends set up a trip or, more specifically, a pilgrimage by bike from Oradea to Auschwitz, in the memory of the young Eva Heyman who could not escape the Auschwitz executions.  As a former sport player at a pretty high level back in the high school years (volley ball) I found this trip as an ultimate motivation to get back in shape. So I’ve started going to a special gym here in Cluj…

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