Liderii ar trebui să știe câteva lucruri despre pornografie

Am găsit acest material despre pornografie, pentru părinți, lideri și păstori. Materialul este în engleză. Îl voi lăsa așa, și îl văd util.

– It’s sin. It’s lust. Lust is sin. It’s mental adultery.
– It’s everywhere. Half the men in your church are likely exposed to it
every week, and some of the women too.
– It’s a ruthless slave driver and traps people in shame and secrecy.
– NOT talking about it with your people does NOT help them.
– The porn industry is a dark and twisted place, filled with people with
souls whom God deeply loves.
– People who act in pornographic films are people whom God loves.
– People who produce pornography are people whom God loves.
– It does NOT encourage more intimacy in marriage – on the contrary, it
destroys it.
– It is NOT victimless. Broken marriages and shattered lives are all
around us as evidence.
– The internet has exploded the number of porn addicts, offering the
three deadly “A’s,” making porn accessible, affordable, and anonymous.
– Pornography is a drug. It triggers chemicals in the brain that create
addictions. It offers a temporary high, followed by a crash into guilt and
shame. And one kind of pornography is almost always a gateway into
something worse.
– The younger you are when first exposed, the more susceptible you are
to addiction as an adult.
– Pornography WILL cause you to treat people (especially women) like
objects and not living souls.
– Pornography WILL harden your heart.
– There is hope.
– Consumers and producers of pornography can find forgiveness of sin in
the blood of Jesus and be made righteous and pure by the saving power of
– Those trapped in pornography addictions can be forgiven of what
they’ve entertained themselves with.
– Breaking the cycle is possible, but extremely difficult, as with any
– The cover-up is always worse than the crime.
– The cost of recovery is high, but the cost of not recovering is much

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